Harrison Ford Injured In Plane Crash

Hollywood actor, Harrison Ford, has been injured when a small plane he was flying crashed in Los Angeles.

The 72-year-old star of Indiana Jones and Star War films, reported an engine failure and crash-landed the vintage plane on a Venice golf course.

He was breathing and alert when medics arrived and took him to the hospital in a “fair to moderate” condition, a fire department spokesman said.

His son Ben, a chef in Los Angeles, later tweeted from the hospital: “Dad is OK. Battered but OK!”

His publicist also assured that the injuries the actor sustained are not life threatening, and “he is expected to make a full recovery.”

Shortly after takeoff from Santa Monica Airport, Ford said he was having engine failure with his 1942 Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR and was making an “immediate return.”

He was unable to reach the runway and landed on the Penmar Golf Course, where onlookers pulled him from the plane fearing it could explode.

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