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Thank You for your interest in TELL Library.

To make general enquiries about the Library, please contact
To make specific requests from the Library, kindly note that we offer request categories listed as follows:

for bound volumes of TELL Magazine for use as a reference material (2 volumes in a year)
for re-prints of TELL Magazine dating back to 1991
for copies of prior TELL Magazine print editions dating back to 1991
for specific stories in prior TELL Magazine print editions dating back to 1991
for packaged information related to a specific topic (or research interest)

To make specific requests, choose either of these options* (see footnote):

email your intentions to or
fill the form below
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* specify “Request Category” when making requests via email
* form is meant only for “specific intentions” related to “request categories”
* general enquiries (NOT related to the “Request Category”) should NOT use the form
* general enquiries should instead be sent directly to “”
* please allow for at least 2-hours for us to get back to you


  • Web and Mobile app developer. Web administrator of TELL News Magazine websites, Experiences include: Digital Magazine app, Newsreader app for all platforms.

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