Maturity of Voters Prevented Disruption at Omole Phase 1 Lagos

The status of aggrieved voters at the Omole Grammar School polling station played a role in preventing a breakdown of law and order on Saturday February 25. First, a number of the voters, most of whom had voted there in the past, got to know that their voting unit had been relocated somewhere else. Those affected include voters of the 097 unit at the centre. Now, that information came hours after they had arrived at the premises and queued for accreditation. Voters could be seen encouraging themselves to be calm and set out to find the venue, which they were able to confirm online.

Another hiccup was recorded when voters on unit 101 within the school were told that the INEC officials responsible for their unit only came to the centre with presidential election ballot papers. That means unless something was done, none of them would be able to vote for senatorial or House of Representatives candidates of their choice.

The Omole Grammar School polling station plays home to a number of polling units, so it is always very crowded, but mostly very orderly. Voters in unit 100 had gone through the process before 3:00 pm, while those of units 29 and 38 were almost done. but unit 28 still had a long queue of over 100 of prospective voters on the queue.

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