Niger Troops To Fight Boko Haram In Nigeria

Keeping faith with its agreement to join forces with other African countries in the fight against the Boko Haram sect, Niger’s government has approved the deployment of troops to Nigeria to help fight the insurgents.

Aside its increased offensive against civilians and members of the military Joint Task Force in the troubled Northeast, the Islamic group has carried out many cross-border attacks in some parts of Chad, Cameron and Niger in recent days.

The African Union, AU and Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS had both pledged their support to battle the militant group now ravaging some countries across the Western African sub region.

Speaking after the resolution by the country’s national assembly to approve the deployment of the military to Nigeria, Adamou Salifou Niger’s parliamentary speaker stated that the pooling of the efforts and resources of concerned countries will contribute without doubt to “crushing the group which shows scorn, through its barbaric acts, for the Muslim religion.”

“Our country has never failed in its solidarity with its neighbours,” the speaker stated while reiterating his country’s commitment to providing Nigeria with the desired support to rout the insurgents

Only in the last four days, Boko Haram had attacked parts of Niger including a military barrack killing five people while a lot of properties were reportedly destroyed.

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