Short And Sharp

Buhari should know that being slow and steady is analogue…. one needs to be smart as well.Abimbola Adelakun

Abimbola Adelakun, columnist with The Punch Newspaper commenting on the President’s style of governance.

You should go to [every nook and cranny] of Bayelsa State to sell this good product.Diepreye Alamieyeseigha

Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, former governor of Bayelsa State, urging the people of the state to support the current governor for his second term bid





We have come to feel your pains.Bukola Saraki, former governor of Kwara State-040846

Bukola Saraki, Senate president, Federal Republic of Nigeria, while on visit to some internally displaced persons, in the North-east.




The Rivers people should stand up and tell this man to stop painting Amaechi black.Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi_photo by Sunday Adedeji_8082

Chibuike Amaechi, former governor, Rivers State, imploring the people of the state to defend him against what he called the evil machinations of the current governor of the state.



The baby is sick.Ex-Kogi-Gov-Abubakar-Audu

Abubakar Audu, former governor, Kogi State, on why he is interested in the governorship race in the state once again.


The biggest thieves are the governors.Akinjide Richard

Richard Akinjide, lawyer and Second Republic minister of justice, on why states could not pay their workers despite what they receive from the Federal allocation every month.


It is offensive to say that I would retire.Victor-Uwaifo-1

Victor Uwaifo, 74, musician and artist on his career and future plans.






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