There May be Violence If APC Rigs, PDP Raises Alarm

Umar Sani, Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Stakeholders Forum in the Kaduna State, said he has received reports of possible outbreak of violence if the result of the election does not reflect the votes of the people.

Sani, who spoke to TELL in Kaduna, disclosed that the party’s agents on the field across the state have sent reports suggesting there was a plot for the manipulation of results in some local governments areas.

Although he did not name the local governments involved or those planning the alleged rigging, he warned that there may be violence from angry voters if results are manipulated.

“I am receiving field reports at our situation room that some people are plotting to manipulate the result of the election,

“But we have also been informed that such sinister plan would be resisted by the people, and you know what that means. So we’re appealing to all relevant authorities to ensure that peoples votes are allowed to count,” he said.

Counting of votes had commenced in several polling units in the state capital as early as 2 pm due to low turnout of voters. Kaduna metropolis witnessed voter aparty as many voters stayed indoor.

Some who spoke to the magazine, especially Igbos, said their votes did not count in the February 23 presidential election. “We voted last time, but they changed the results,” Chukwuma Ugo, a trader, alleged.

But there was report of massive turnout in Kaduna South and parts of Kaduna North and Central.

Counting of votes ended at Damaturu Road polling unit at the old GRA at 3 pm. It was same at most of the polling units at the Ahmadu Bello Way.  

Parties are already getting results of the election from different parts of the state, suggesting that full results may be declared by tomorrow morning.

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