Ukwa Ngwa Professionals Congratulate Ikpeazu

Ukwa Ngwa Professionals, a leading organisation of the Ukwa Ngwa nation on Monday, April 27, congratulated Okezie Ikpeazu on his resounding victory at the polls and his emergence as the Governor of Abia State following the 2015 general elections.

This was contained in a statement released by Theo Nkire, leader of the Ukwa Ngwa professionals.

The statement reads, “Yours is the victory of light over darkness; the victory of truth over falsehood, a victory for fairness, equity and justice.

“We salute you, Dr. Ikpeazu, for your uncommon candour in the face of all provocation. We salute all Abia people for their ability to decipher the truth from falsehood and their decision to stand by the truth at all times. We salute you in particular, Chief Theodore Orji, the outgoing Governor of Abia State for keeping faith with the Ukwa Ngwa people and for standing by us to the end. We shall never forget.

“We invite all Abia people and indeed, all friends of Abia State at home and in the diaspora to join hands with Dr. Ikpeazu as he grapples with the gargantuan problem of moving Abia State to its pride of place as the number one State in Nigeria. We know that together, we can do it.”

It added that, “We extend our hand of fellowship to all men of goodwill and in particular, to the opposition, the skeptics and all those who did not believe in our ability to make it.   Dr. Ikpeazu has promised to run an all-inclusive government. He will be magnanimous in victory. So let us trust him; let us believe in him. With your support and the support of all of us Dr. Ikpeazu is sure to deliver on his mandate.

“May God bless us all as we embark on our new enterprise of making Abia not just number one on the list of states, but number one indeed – in performance, in industry, in commerce, in education, in health delivery and indeed, in all indices of development.”

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