Algeria To Boost Organ Transplantation

Abdelmalek Boudiaf, Algeria Minister for Health, Population and Hospital Reform, has disclosed a strategy to boost organ transplantation in the country, starting with kidney. Boudiaf who disclosed this on Wednesday, February 11 said Algeria’s aim was to revive the national agencies for organ transplantation, tissues and cells with the help of national register of patients with renal problems.

This strategy, the minister said, also involves the creation of an organ bank and the development of training programs for practitioners of transplantation.

Therefore, the minister said, “in the coming year the case of road map would be developed by all players to reach the objective of optimal numbers of transplantation and also given the means available in the country more so records of organ transplantation including kidney is not satisfactory.”

The Minister said there are nearly 26,600 dialysis patients across Algeria and 166 transplants were performed in 2014.

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