Coffee Drinking as a Status Symbol

Coffee drinkers are happier and more successful in work says a new study. The survey reveals that drinking coffee shows you are “more fun” in the office and earn more money than tea-drinkers.

The research that was done online, involved 2,000 UK consumers who were quizzed altogether with 53.30 per cent being tea drinkers and 46.70 per cent coffee drinkers.

According to the study coffee drinkers earn £2000 more than those who drink tea, a year. The study reveals that coffee drinkers, who earn an average of £28,000-a-year, are fun in the workplace and tend to be in a “middle management” position.

While the average tea drinker earns £26,000, is severely competitive, and deem themselves to be the life and soul of any gathering outside of working days.

It further reveals that someone who likes a tea brew is more likely to consider him or herself a team player but would also acknowledge to being most likely to flirt with their boss in order to get ahead.

Katrina Webb, a Nestle worker who commissioned the study to tie-in with International Coffee Day, said tea drinkers admit to being more hot-headed than their laid-back, coffee rivals.

Webb said: “It’s interesting to see that coffee drinkers earn £2000 a year more than those who drink tea. Of course what we don’t know is whether it’s the coffee that’s helping them to set their sights high, or whether they’ve adapted to drink coffee since they have started to gain some success. The survey also showed that more tea drinkers love their job, which perhaps has a part to play in the fact that they’re so fiercely competitive.”

According to her, coffee drinkers say they’re fun in the office, while tea drinkers consider themselves more fun out of the office environment. The average wage details were obtained when the 2000 examiners were asked roughly how much they earned, it showed coffee drinkers are less likely to drive to work than tea-sippers, and less likely to be late for work.

Tea drinkers are also more likely to stay late after work twice in a typical working week, and more of them have had at least one promotion in the last five years.

Tea drinkers are more likely to have a gossip with colleagues while enjoying their hot beverage while more coffee drinkers browse social networking sites while at work.


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