Happening Now: Terror Attack in Kenya [Video]

According reports explosionsand heavy gunfire rock a hotel complex in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

There is a suspected terror attack unfolding at the complex,which houses a large hotel known as DusitD2, along with several banks andoffices.

The Police are said to be exchanging gunfire with the attackersin the operation.

At least one officer in bomb disposal gearhas been seen at the complex as well as an unexploded grenade in a hallway of ashopping area.

Severalcars have been seen on fire and people are being carried away from the scene.

Largeplumes of smoke have also been seen rising from the area as scores of peoplehave been reported injured.

Onesurvivor of the attack said he sought refuge in a fridge and that he saw atleast one dead body in the grounds of the DusitD2 hotel.

SomaliIslamist militant group al Shabaab has since said it is behind the attack andthat its fighters were still inside the complex.

Theincident comes on the third anniversary of the El Adde attack, which claimed thelives of several Kenyan soldiers in Somalia.

ThePolice spokesman Charles Owino said officers had been deployed to the complex,including those from the country’s anti-terrorism unit.

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