U.S, UK Allegedly Hack SIM Card Firm

A United States-based website, Intercept, has accused the U.S and British intelligence agencies of hacking into the system of a major manufacturer of mobile SIM cards in order to steal codes that could facilitate eavesdropping on mobile communications.

The website says this was revealed by U.S intelligence contractor and whistle blower, Edward Snowden.

The website says the mobile SIM card manufacturer at the receiving end of this hacking scandal is a company named, Gemalto. The company says it is taking the allegations “very seriously.”

Intercept says that “the great SIM heist” gave the US and UK intelligence agencies “the potential to secretly monitor a large portion of the world’s cellular communications, including both voice and data.”

It is also claiming that the hack organised by Britain’s GCHQ and America’s National Security Agency took place in 2010.

The two agencies are yet to comment on the allegation.

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