Woman Stripped And Paraded On Donkey In India

An Indian woman was partly stripped and paraded on a donkey in a northern village in India after being accused of killing her nephew, a police officer said on Monday.

Sudhir Joshi, superintendent of police said members of the village also blackened her face with coal dust and cut her hair following orders from a local council of elders in Rajasthan.

“The woman aged around 40 years was in her house when some villagers stormed into the house and pulled her out on Saturday evening. They cut her hair, blackened her face and stripped her half naked. Then they mounted her on a donkey and paraded her in the village for ten minutes. It was after a meeting of the panchayat, village elders. The cruel punishment was meted out to the woman just on a suspicion,” Joshi said.

The policeman said thirty-nine people, mostly members of the village in Rajsamand district, have been arrested over the incident that took place on Saturday night.

Family members, the officer added, were now caring for the woman.

In September 2014, 13 men were jailed in West Bengal State for gang-raping a woman who was accused by the local council of “dishonouring” her village.

The council ordered the attack against the 20-year-old woman for the perceived offence of having a relationship with a man from a different community.

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