Onne People Picking Up The Pieces After The Storm (Photo)

After the ferocious storm that swept through the town of Onne, Eleme Local Government Area, the host community of Nigeria’s second largest seaport on Monday, the people have begun fixing their damaged homes and shops.

The storm, which came with the rains felled more than a hundred power pillars and aluminium conductors, which crushed buildings and damaged cars in their path.

Though there was an initial report of human casualty, the story could not be officially confirmed. But the damage caused by the storm was immense enough to cause sorrow among the residents.

Amos Ngeda, a resident pastor in the community said the level of destruction in the community was unprecedented. “It affected homes, churches, shops, telecoms masts and trees.

“But we thank God that nobody died. The good part of it was that there was no light. The story would have been different,” he said.

On Tuesday, traders at Onne Market and shipowners in the community could be seen patching their roofs damaged by the storm.

Technicians of Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company were also clearing damaged cables and taking inventory of their losses.

It was the first day that it was raining this year in Onne. Neighbouring communities also witnessed their first rain on Monday. But the impact was not as devastating as it was in Onne.

Onne People Picking Up The Pieces After The Storm Photo
Onne People Picking Up The Pieces After The Storm Photo
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