Stopping Child Abuse

According to World Health Organisation, every year the world over, approximately 40 million children below the age 15 are subjected   to child abuse and nearly 53, 000 die as a result of these abuses.

Imagine living every day of your life with multiple personality disorder as a result of an abuse; imagine you are that child who cannot explain his or her pain. This is the kind of situation the Ugandan toddler was when her nanny tortured her. Thank God for the hidden camera that revealed the nefarious act.

Many a time, we hear children have been reported dead as a result of child abuse. I know you may want to ask yourself how it feels to be abused. It is an experience you would not wish anyone. Those who were living victims of abuses grew up with the hope that one day they would be free from the chains of oppression.

According to the World Health Organisation, every year the world over, approximately 40 million children below the age of 15 are subjected to child abuse and nearly 53,000 die as a result of these abuses. This disclosure would make one cry aloud, wondering why people derive joy in making others suffer. I am sure that an abuser lacks empathy for his victim otherwise the abuse would not occur in the first instance.

Child abuse is a problem in its own right. It is hinged on violence. From the maltreatment of children to their deaths, child abuse remains one of the most common tragic crimes against humanity. It is a major problem in the world and has been on for ages. There are children today who are still under bondage. Some would even end up being impregnated by their own fathers. There are such cases in Nigeria. On this note, if we say children under the care of nannies are being maltreated and those involved should be brought to book, what about the parents who abuse their own children? What about kin who take care of their relations’ children? What about teachers in public schools?

From time immemorial, it has been glaring that domestic violence and substance abuse are the two major causes of child maltreatment in most homes. If you take your time to study those who abuse children, you would discover that traits like immaturity, unrealistic expectations, emotional problems, lack of parenting knowledge, difficulty in relationships are some of the reasons abusers embark on such heinous act. Research into the causes and effects of child abuse also shows that children that are abused are likely to become abusers as their natural trust and love are distorted because they had been abused. Thus owing to the pains they have been through, they become notorious and resort to hate and vengeance. This vengeance has the likelihood of causing more severe consequences for children and young people who experience habitual and various kinds of abuse.

There are several child rights non-for-profit organisations that are yet to unravel these crimes against the child. They need to go into homes, schools and day-care centres to see for themselves while asking people around to help report any suspected abuses because the victims themselves may not be able to confidently speak up.

If that Ugandan nanny could have the guts to want to crush the spine and ribs of a less than two-year-old toddler, she could have as well slaughtered her. The simplest thing to do is, once a nanny is suspected to be abusing your child, withdraw your child and dismiss her. Our children deserve to live in a world of greater happiness and not a world of terror and social shame.

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