Adamu Adamu Is A Humane Leader

From Ibrahim Biu

Last Wednesday, Malam Adamu Adamu, the Minister of Education visited the human right Radio in Abuja also known as “Berekete”Radio in connection with an important issue related to students. This is the first time that a minister  of cabinet rank, and his top officials, has carried out such a visit to such radio stations as far as I can remember, which is a good omen to this country.

    Malam Adamu who was in company of senior officers of the ministry was at the radio station to comment on a sad situation involving the alleged sodomization and killings of students of Kuje School of the Deaf.  Among the top education officials who accompanied the minister were his permanent  secretary and the executive secretary of Jamb, prof. Ishaq Oloyede.

Adamu Adamu had gone to that radio station following a report of sodomization reported by the human right radio some few days earlier. The parents of one of the affected students had gone to the radio station to publicly complain that her seven year old boy was allegedly sodomized and had vowed never to go back to that school. Throughout the duration of the radio programme which lasted for over 30 minutes, Malam Adamu comported himself with dignity and respect which goes to show his similarity of behaviour with President Muhammadu Buhari.

To this writer, Adamu Adamu by going to that radio station has clearly demonstrated that he is a man of honour and a sincere public servant who is courageous and always trying to do the work of a public servant the way it is supposed to be done. It also shows his humility, and transparency required of any civil servant of his position. Other people will even believe that it is because of his compassion and a person of impeccable character that he decided to go to the radio station in order to clear the air concerning such a sensitive matter. According to the radio report the mother of the victim had gone to the ministry to see the minister in order to brief him about what had happened. It was reported that she succeeded in seeing the minister and even his permanent secretary and told them what had happened to the boy. At a stage when the minister was discussing the issue with the boy’s mother, in the presence of the victim he became emotional and shed tears. When Adamu Adamu appeared at the radio station, he confirmed that the woman actually visited the minister and briefed him about what had happened. Adamu said he immediately called his permanent secretary to hear for himself the complaints of the woman. Thereafter, the minister set up a discrete investigation of the matter by a committee due to its sensitiveness and importance. He gave the committee which he appointed only two days within which to submit its report. He said the ministry’s top management is now studying the committee’s report. Adamu Adamu said, contrary to certain reports, he did not rubbish the issue but rather quickly reacted by doing what he had done though it was done discreetly because of the sensitivity of the issue. His suggestion to the head of the radio station that such matters should have been done much more discreetly was not completely accepted by the radio station. The owner of the radio ordinary Isah Ahmed, who conducted the programme told the minster and his entourage that what the station had done on the issue was proper as there was an allegation and he wanted the minister and his officials to publicly clear the air as required by modern journalism which he said is being practiced in the advance countries. Isah Ahmed said his own method was the same with his counterparts outside the country. Many people who had phoned him from outside the country expressed disgust at what happened at the school and called for thorough investigation of the matter by all concerned. Ahmed and other people in the radio station who had a different view were completely disarmed by the minister’s explanations and that of his permanent secretary. They said, their humbleness and prompt response has put them in the clear. To this reporter, Adamu’s actions have clearly shown his sincerity of purpose, humility, transparency and kindness required of his position in the society. He should be emulated by other top public servants like him all over the country. I say well done to Adamu Adamu and his officials.

Adamu Adamu Photo
Adamu Adamu

Biu sent this article from Abuja.

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