Nigerians Protest Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa

Protest-Against-Xenophobia-Attacks-on-Africans-in-South-Africa2._9378Some concerned youths in Nigeria on Thursday April 16, led a peaceful protest march to the South African Embassy in Victoria Island, Lagos.

The youths were protesting against the ongoing massacre of foreigners, which includes Nigerians in the Durban region of the former apartheid nation.

The youths carried placards with words: #Stop the killing in South Africa, we are one United Africa#, #stopTheKillings#, #stopxenophobiasa#.

Speaking on behalf of the protesters, Olusesan Daini, the co-convener of the protest, said they are not happy with the killings in South Africa and that is why they are leading a peaceful protest.

“We are here to drop a letter through the South African Embassy in Nigeria to South Africa government showing our dissatisfaction in the way our brothers and sisters are being treated in South Africa. When we say our brothers and sisters we do not refer to Nigerians alone but we are talking about our race in general which is the black race.

“We equally want to use this opportunity to remind South Africans that we consider them to be part of us and they should stop the killings. It is so unfortunate if they consider us to be enemy of progress. We want you to communicate to the South African government that we are not pleased with the ways our people are being treated,” Daini said.

He added that, some Nigerians have really invested in South Africa, forcing them out of country will result in more protests. “The government should restore peace in South Africa. We want peace in South Africa and in Nigeria,” he said.

George Nesengani, first secretary political, South African Consulate in Lagos, received the letter on behalf of the Consul General who was unavoidably absent.

“I stand before you first as an African, secondly as a South African, and as the embassy we are deeply concerned with what is happening in South Africa, and I assure you all that this letter will be relayed to our authorities in South Africa and we are very sorry about the happenings in South Africa,” he said.

However, thousands of people have also joined a similar march in South Africa’s coastal city of Durban in solidarity with the country’s foreign nationals.

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