Vote Buying: How Voters Went for Highest Bidder in Ogun

The governorship and State Assembly poll in Ogun State was characterised by massive buying of votes by some party officials.
In most of the polling units visited under Ifo local government area of Ogun State, it was observed that vote buying was not done in secret as some of the voters went for the highest bidder.
TELL observed in one of the polling units in Agbado, that women were given N1000 each to vote while some refused to accept, claiming to have been told to collect N2000.
“We will vote for another political party. What is N1000? Let us go,” one of the women, who seemed to be the leader told the others.”
In Powerline area in I, TELL also observed that vote buying was rampant as various party agents gathered in different corners distributing money.
One of the voters who identified himself as Yakubu, said he was contemplating which particular party to  vote for.
“They came to our houses very early this morning, to persuade us to vote for them. What most people are doing here is to collect their money and vote for another party,” he stated.
Some party agents also brought hoodlums to cast votes with voters cards that didn’t belong to them. This resulted in violence before military personnel were called to intervene.
An ADC chieftain in this unit who complained against vote buying, however, expressed optimism of ADC victory.

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