I Will Remain in PDP – David Mark

Reacting to allegations that he is planning to defect from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to the All Progressives Congress, APC, David Mark, Senate President has described the allegation as an “unnecessary fabrication.”

Some newspaper recently reported that the Senate President is already holding secret meetings with leaders of the APC in a bid to decamp to the opposition party, which won in the recently concluded Presidential election.

The reports claimed that Mark was planning to explore the option as an expedient way

of retaining his seat in the Senate arm of National Assembly. Mark would be returning to the aSenate for a 5th term when the new administration is sworn in by May 29.

Outrightly debunking the rumour on Wednesday at a Holy Mass to mark his 67th birthday, Mark said, “I have heard by way of rumour in social media that I am decamping to APC. If I will be the last man standing, I will remain in PDP. The rumour is just an unnecessary fabrication. I even heard that one newspaper had it as headline. The media men must please make sure they investigate cases before they begin to publish.

Nobody has spoken to me from the APC. I have no reason whatsoever to leave PDP. No reasons. I’ve risen to where I am on platform of the PDP. PDP has a manifesto and I believe in it.”

In the case of recent defection of some members of the PDP to APC, Mark said, “Those who are leaving PDP now are fair weather friends of PDP. So they have gone, they have no problem. When PDP bounces back, which we will do in few years – in the next couple of elections or next election, they will come back again to PDP. So they will move;

those ones are not really the issues.”

The Senate President promised to “restructure PDP and bring it back again.”

He further added that recent political experience where an incumbent government lose seat to an opposition party is a pointer to the fact that democracy has been established in Nigeria.

Assuring his supporters and friends who throng the church to celebrate him that the PDP would win more states than the APC in the next governorship and state house of assembly elections, Mark said, “I have always assured you as members of this my immediate family that I will do only those things that are honest in the eyes of you, my brothers and sister and even in the eyes of God. I will be sincere, and I will do those things that are acceptable and I will make all of you very proud.”

“This is democracy. There will be a winner, and there will be a looser. It’s not anything new. Nigerians have spoken and we in PDP have accepted it. That is the will of God and that the will of Nigerians. So there is no need for anybody to speculate anymore,” he said.

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